Hello all... and welcome to the HPGPC.net website!!!

We have a new logo and changed some things around a bit.

You will see that the menu and links will remain the same this year, but you will need to check out all of the links so you will have all of the new information we have listed.

The scoring will be a bit different this year since the transponder system gave us such grief last year. We will use the same hardware for scoring and the same transponders, but the way it will be tabulated will be much faster. Faster times for posting race results. We will also be using new pouches to keep your transponder in, which will attach to the front brake cable on your bike. It will be attached with velcro and will be movable to whatever bike you are riding. This will allow us to setup the reading system for some high speed racing through the check point. And... for the team race it will require each team to physically pass the pouch to another team member before riding off.

The team races will be a bit different as well. We are working out the details, but we are going to try and make it where it is a bit more even and competitive. Maybe classes for example. Fast, Medium, Slower, Father/Son, Family... Just thoughts for now. Pipe up on the forum and let us know your thoughts on this.

Also, the whole process of sign in will change as well. This means:

  • We will start using online sign-up.

Alright... Check out the new rules and classes and have fun.

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